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ML Executives invest in Digico`s flagship SD7
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ML Executives invest in Digico's flagship SD7
[ 11th April 2012 - 2:32:25 PM ]  Stock

ML Executives invest in Digico's flagship SD7 which offers virtually limitless flexibility to build the biggest & most complex live shows. The Digico SD7 represents the next generation of digital sound engineering.

The Digico SD7 has 38 x 100mm touch-sensitive motorised faders & 14 x 60mm touch-sensitive motorised faders.

3 x 15" LCD high resolution touch screens.

The SD7 has combination of up to 256 processing paths at 96kHz or 128 at 192kHz, with 672 simultaneous optical & MADI connections, 128 busses plus 32 matrix busses & 32 x 32 band graphic equalisers. Standard 4 band EQ with the ability to switch to dynamic EQ, plus multi-band dynamic gates, compressors, delay & four band parametric on all 256 processing paths.

A multitude of Reverbs / Delays / Other Effects.

We have been very impressed with the audio quality of the Digico SD7 & the amount of inputs and outputs.