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ML Executives invests in Lab.gruppen
ML Executives invests in Lab.gruppen
[ 14th August 2005 - 4:05:09 PM ]  Business

Leading PA rental company, Crayford-based ML Executives, has just purchased 60 Lab.gruppen fP 6400 amps from UK distributor Sennheiser, to drive its recently-acquired VDOSC and dV-DOSC rig.

Commenting on the purchase, ML's managing director, Gary Marks, says, "We're already one of the UK's larger rental-users of Lab.gruppen, which powers our EAW KF760 rig that's currently
out on Iron Maiden's 2005 world tour. When we purchased 24 boxes of V-DOSC and six of dV-DOSC, choosing Lab to power it was a natural. Not only was it our first choice but it's also the amp L'Acoustics recommend for V-DOSC, so it keeps our system consistent with all of the others in the market."

Marks continues, "Our first priority has always been sound quality but another big advantage with the Lab.gruppen switch mode power amps is their class AB performance with superb control and power efficiency, significantly reducing venue current requirements. The weight and spacesaving design also means they're economical to transport and, with Lab. gruppen's deserved reputation for reliability, they're a good all-round investment."

Reproduced by kind permission of L&SI Online http://www.lsionline.co.uk/news/story.asp?ID=-P7HDLX