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Midas XL3

Midas XL3
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Flightcased analogue mixing console with 40 mono and 4 stereo inputs, 16 auxiliary outputs and 8 VCA groups. Supplied with a dual power supply to ensure failsafe operation.

The XL3 has a rugged design and great sound, designed for monitor applications, it's the engineers choice when mixing monitors both at festivals and on tour. As with all Midas consoles the XL3 has fully interchangable modules allowing the desk to easily be configured as required. Each of the 40 mono channels has two channels of fully parametric EQ and two channels of sweep EQ, 16 auxiliary outputs which can be assigned either pre or post fade, 10 assignable mute and 8 VCA groups. Each channel also has its own swichable pre/post fade half-normalised insert point which can be accessed VIA a bantam patch on the back of the desk. The desk is supplied with a dual power supply to ensure failsafe operation.

Price £550.00 per week